Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wise-Eyed Fishing Boat, Pomos

The prompt from The Gallery this week was 'Eyes'

Soon after I bought my digital SLR, a Nikon D-80, my family and I went for a day trip to the northwest area of Cyprus near the village of Pomos. Pomos has a wonderful restaurant set high on a bluff above the small shelter for fishing boats. You can bet that your lunch is fresh!

On the way to the beach we walked around the tiny harbour, watching men repair their nets and dodging children who ran with icecream cones in hand.

This boat reminded me of the children's book The Story About Ping, the tale of a duckling who lived with his mother and father and brothers and sisters and uncles and aunts and cousins aboard a 'Wise-Eyed Boat' on the Yangtze River.

Far from having a duckling in mind, the boat's owner was probably taking precautions against the Evil Eye in a custom that has long predated Christ in these parts. You'll often see eyes on boats here, but usually they're smaller and a single eye is more common than a pair.

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  1. It would be quite scary to see that coming towards you in the sea.

    Great pic and nice to meet another Nikon fan..I love mine but hubby keeps trying to get me to use his Eos instead - but it just doesn't

    Lou :-)

  2. Makes you wonder what the sea creatures think when they look at those eyes!

  3. What a fantastic photo! Very striking, and love the way you have illustrated this week's theme.

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    1. Thankyou Earlybird, and thanks for visiting :)