Sunday, May 24, 2009

Summer's Coming!

The school year is coming to an end. I can’t believe how the last twelve months have flown. This time last year I was psyched for our summer in the Greek Islands – reading Fodors and Lonely Planet, scouring the Internet for ferry schedules, counting down to June 27 when we boarded the Louis boat for Rhodes.

My mother used to say “As you get older, time goes faster”, but I didn’t credit, when I was twelve, how quickly the months would fold into years. Now we’re counting down to exams, to the end of school, to summer here. For some reason I have decided to work all summer (I’m sure to regret it!) and the field is planted with the summer crops and more and more people are calling me and wanting produce. Typical Cyprus market – a few years late. The rest of Europe caught on to organics a decade ago, Cyprus is just beginning to!

Anyway, as I was saying, the school year is moving toward final exam week, and the last milestone, the Talent Show, took place last Thursday.

Alex was one of the comperes. Hannah (Sophia’s friend, who has been staying with us while her parents are in the UK with her little sister) helped him to prepare by straightening his hair. Alex has my and his father’s curls, and refusing to cut his hair means that, dry, they just touch his collar. When his hair is wet, or straight, it falls half way down his shoulder blades. Straightening hair is as de rigeur for teens these days as curling was when I was at school, but… whatever. It’s his hair, he can do what he wants with it as long as it’s clean and tidy in public.

Sophia did her acting piece ‘After Juliet’. She did it quite well, but was hampered by not having enough room in front of the curtain to move properly. “No-one will be able to hear you,” the organising teacher insisted, forgetting that after four years of drama studies, Sophia is well able to project her voice.

The other acts ranged from excellent to embarrassing, but the show raised some money for the Paphos Hospice, and everyone had a good time.

Roll on, exam week and the summer holidays!

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