Sunday, May 31, 2009


Last week two Cypriot teens, known to my children, friends of friends' children were killed on a moped. They were returning from a party at 11.15 last Saturday night. The bike had been reported stolen in Paphos a month prior. The kids were not wearing helmets. The bike's lights were not on. They were hit head on by a motorist overtaking who never even saw them. One helmet was found at the scene. Their parents claimed that they had no idea that they were riding mopeds.

Yesterday Sophia's 13-year-old seatmate in English class and former boyfriend was killed in a motorbike accident. He was riding pillion on a friend's bike (the friend is in hospital with serious but not life-threatening injuries – and the knowledge that his best friend is dead) that was not street-legal and was not supposed to be ridden on the road – although it was all the time. Sophia said that a month ago, the friend had said to her that the bike's brakes were not working well and the tyres were not in good condition. When she asked him why he didn't fix them, he allegedly replied: 'It's not cheap, you know!'

“We were supposed to go out tomorrow!” she sobbed, on hearing the news of his death. And “How can I go into English and see that empty desk?”

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