Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Word Cloud

Yesterday morning I climbed aboard The Word Cloud. It had been hovering around for a while on the edges of my consciousness, the occasionally appearing line in my In Box: ‘The Word Cloud: Where Writers Meet’ reminding me that a community of writers is just a few keystrokes away. A metaphorical rope ladder, , dangled enticingly: meet poets and writers, read and be read, critique and be critiqued, share tips on publication, agents, workshops.

Yesterday morning I grasped the lowest rung of that dangling ladder and hoisted myself hand over hand, toes seeking hold, up into the fluff.

But wait… No fluff! I spent much of the day there, and saw nary a whisp. I saw many faces, smiled at people, returned their greetings, sat in on snippets of conversation, began some good reads: Steve’s account of his Australian journey, Miss Marsala’s Tails from India. I read critiques – most meaty, but all respectful. I even found the courage to post, myself.

The Word Cloud is a small but thriving community of writers in all genres. I really look forward to getting to know it better.

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