Monday, April 13, 2009

What's Been Happening


The Little White Donkey has been bearing the burden of spring and agricultural work lately – hence that recent silence.

Spring is a busy time for me. The fields and the garden are 'good and green again', to use E.B. White's phrase. The time is here to weed and plant, and thank goodness Alex is strong enough now to use the big Stihl strimmer; strimming was always my job, and since I get bad hay fever, it made me miserable.

A goat was born. One of Mili's pair of Damascus she-goats gave birth last weekend. None of your doe-eyed, soft-coated European goats here. Cypriot goats are of the Arab persuasion: yellow-eyed, long-eared, tough, with long brown coats. Last summer in the Greek Islands, the children marvelled at how mild and small the goats were compared to ours.

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