Saturday, March 24, 2012

Little White Donkey Distillery

I mentioned quite a while ago that we were in the midst of a citrus glut, and that the price of labour meant that it was not cost effective for Auntie Maroulla and Cousin Despo to pick their mandora crop. I'm less sure that I mentioned that Best Beloved has acquired an interest in distilling, and to that end, after extensive research into local and foreign options, ordered a stainless steel still from China. Marry the two threads: surplus citrus and a brand new still, and... Hey Presto! Little White Donkey Distillery is born.

BB and Leo went fruit picking this morning, then we cut the mandoras and put them into stainless steel tanks to begin fermentation.

Watch this space for updates... Never a dull moment!  Anyone remember this scene from The Great Escape?


  1. What will the end result be? Is it a specific drink?

    I remember trying to make cider once with a glut of apples; didn't have the right equipment so it was a right royal mess. You are doing this properly so looks like it should work!

    1. Teh Cyprus Moonshine is made from grapes and is called Zivania -- I think this is a kind of orange zivania... I'm just the Cutter-of-Citrus though, so what do I know ;)?