Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Amendment to Explosion at Mari

Apparently, the National Guard is now saying that all 98 containers at the ammo dump went up yesterday, leaving a truly enormous crater (and solving the disposal problem).  I had wondered how only two had -- but that's what all the news sources were saying.  Thanks to Sue in Larnaca for putting me right to that.

Shortly after I hit 'publish' for the last blog post, I thought of a better title:  Why Politicians Should Not Be Allowed to Make Military Decisions...


  1. There is also a conspiracy theory alleging that there was sabotage involved.

    Probably using the latest technology in weapons, which I believe is called "Zippo lighter".

  2. Could be... But then so many wildfires here are 'Zippo-assisted' ;) It's also ironic that yesterday (from something I saw) is the anniversary of the crash that killed Evangelos Florakis... The chopper came down just the other side of this hill.

  3. Ummm, the base carries its name but I think the crash occured somewhere in the Paphos district.


  4. Oh.... you mean "your" hill. I get it now...

  5. Yep -- we weren't living here then, but the in-laws were. There's a big memorial in the valley between Kouklia and Nikokleia.