Monday, February 7, 2011

Education, Anyone?

I just collected the mail.

Among the prospectuses for UK boarding schools and Sixth Form colleges that were beginning to pile up in the box was a single glossy sheet that represented Alex and Sophia's school's annual recruitment drive and entrance exam announcement – obviously a mass mailing aimed at everyone with a P O box.

It's a small glossy sheet, English on one side, Greek on the other. The name of the school, the announcement of the entrance exam, with a date, and the slogan 'We don't just teach We (sic) educate!'

Bear in mind that the school teaches through English.

Under the date and the time of the proposed examination, the flyer announced 'Candidates will be tested on the school material that they have been teached.'

For all of you queuing up to join this wonderful establishment, registration is now open!

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