Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Blog Trophy

Well I'm chuffed.

A couple of hours ago I was busy cleaning the sitting room -- since we found that the in-laws loyal Vietnamese helper has been systematically stealing from us for the last couple of years, I'm not keen to get any more 'help' in -- when my new Mac (Santa was Very Good to me) went 'Ping!' to let me know that I have a message.

The South African website Expat Arrivals was telling me that I had won a blog trophy!

Being of suspicious nature, I didn't answer the email, but checked with the website (How many cyber-muggers have tried to get account details in the past posing as unfortunate Nigerians? What's to stop someone adopting the new ruse of an expat website?) and discovered that the message was legit... The LittleWhite Donkey did not manage to make the Top Ten expat blogs, but is swinging along in the short-list!

What a great way to start the year!


  1. Congratulations, it doesn't surprise me.

  2. Thank-you, Phil :)
    Best to you for the coming year!